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the bedroom pop duo of dale (soft pillow kisses, sonnet 58)
& ryan (carnival park, sodajerk) marquez.
a local guitar-tronica band.
a glasgow-based band that plays gentle indie pop
with folksy touches and very emotional poetry
that only stuart murdoch can deliver.
swedish indie pop group formed out of a
collective disappointment over the break-up of Felt.
Welcome to the official Swan Dive web site. Here you'll meet the
pop music duo of Bill DeMain and Molly Felder
through a wonderful assortment of sounds, words and pictures.
Le Coupe
sophisticated pop music... enjoy!
Red Sleeping Beauty
red sleeping beauty is the full impact...distortion free sound itīs a young thing -
and itīs a different thing! hereīs the beat and the feel
of todays young music plus a great new sound from four young people
with a rich musical background.
Once instigators of Blueboy and Arabesque, Paul Stewart and Keith
Girdler return with a concept record
that sparkles with higher levels of wit,
sophistication and polish of the best of their former bands.
fantastic swedish pop duo of johan angergard and karolina komstedt.
Members of Skypark reformed to create this melodic experimental pop punk band with a healthy dose of psychedelia. View press and tour dates.
the great pop band rocketship of Sarah Records.
home made bubblegum art pop, just like mom used to make.
Shelflife's first official band includes Laura Watling and Ed himself.
a brilliant pop group from Finland.
minimalist twee pop group at their best.
formed in December 1997 by Mikael Matsson and Torbjorn Thorsen after the break up of Mikael's old band, Red Sleeping Beauty.
this band plays catchy tunes that sounds like a cross between 60's pop and guitar pop.
a sunny lo-fi pop group.

a philippine-based indie label headed by mike dy of carnival park.
with releases from creamybicycle together with
carnival park, sodajerk, and more upcoming
indie bands. the site is still under construction!
the U.S. label with a great roster of indiepop bands like the autocollants, le coupe, daydreamcycle, soft pillow kisses, sushi, the freeways, carnival park and other great indie bands that plays sweet and gentle pop nonstop!
a DIY, non-profit tape label & indie,
alternative, & underground music fanzine
based in UK.
this legendary and influential label
became a staple in every indie heads out there.
this is a Philippine-based, independent, art-inclined record label
that glorifies the D.I.Y. ethos.
house groups range from "the gardens of
Spain to the discotheques of swinging London."
Includes artist profiles, a catalog and new releases.
tape label from Italy focusing on indie pop.
dreaming up the perfect pop! 
a Humburg, Germany-based label that introduced Acid House Kings and Red Sleeping Beauty among other great indiepop bands.
a label, mail order and zine all in one!

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hosts indie webpages, review records, have a lot of fun, and a huge indie links list.
find a list of bands and record labels
that make up the indie pop genre known as "twee pop."
my other personal site dedicated to triphop.
an interview by antz with dale marquez of SPK.
a personal training ground of Ryan Vergara.

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