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What's going on with the life of creamybicycle... 

jan. 18, 2003
Hi to all! I just want to share to you all about the lauching of our debut LP last Jan. 11 @ Mayric's. Our set turned our fine, and the copies of our album that we brought during the launch were sold out! Many Thanks to all of those kind souls who bought our album that night!
"Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" is now out for your consumption! E-mail us @ for details.

jan. 10, 2003
One day to go before the release of CreamyBicycle's "Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" LP tomorrow night @ Mayric's!
So Twee! So Free!

jan. 6, 2003

CreamyBicycle will be playing at this month's Buzz Night @ Mayric's on January 11 together with Superminty, CandyAudioline, Popular Days, Matilda, Archaster, Girlfriend + other great indie bands. Show starts 10pm.

 jan. 5, 2003

CreamyBicycle would like to greet you all a very poppy new year!!! Sorry if my greeting is quite late already, hehe!

Anyway, our debut lp will soon be out this month, hopefully by the 2rd week! Everybody excited??? I hope you are all excited like us!!! =D

 dec. 25, 2002

CreamyBicycle wish you all a merry pop xmas and a happy poppier new year!!!

dec. 15, 2002

the day after a great night @ the buzznite. Let me just update you all with the happenings last night. As usual, it rained again... I don't know why, but it was our second buzz and it rained again. Oh well, hehe!

creamybicycle was the sixth band to perform following great sets from Colour Contest, Carnival Park and Candy Audioline! The best sets that caught my fancy again was the acoustic sets of Carnival Park parading their new vocalist! Great soft voice! The groovy set of Colour Contest and also the mellow set of Candy Audioline! We did a six-song set and we included a new song which we only jammed once in our repertoire titled "Farewell Rainy Days". It was good! hehe Following our set was Popular Days! I like their "December Song"!

I also bought Carnival Park's CDR series with Shelflife titled "Her Kinder Crush"! There's only one word to describe that CD... "Fabulous!" hehe I want some more...

creamybicycle would like to thank again AJ Domingo (Soft Pillow Kisses, Colour Contest), Mike Dy (Carnival Park, Dorothy Records), Allan Montero (Candy Audioline, Soft Pillow Kisses, Superminty), Kris and Evan (Carnival Park) for the support and ofcourse to all our friends who come to the show, Thanks everyone! And to those who didn't come, we understand! hehe I would like to take this time also to thank my Honey, Jen for the nonstop support with my music! Thanks!

That's all for now...

IndiePopNonStop! So Twee... So Free!

dec. 9, 2002

CreamyBicycle is currently finishing the materials to be included in the debut LP due this coming January 2003!

nov. 27, 2002

CreamyBicycle will be playing at Buzz Nite @ Mayric's this coming december 14, 2002, saturday, 10pm. Hope to see you all there!

nov. 23, 2002

upcoming releases under dorothy records:

         - sunny day pop tuesday (CreamyBicycle's debut lp)

         - dashboard teddy version 1.0 (an indie compilation + more surprises!)

watch out for these great cds this coming january 2003!

nov. 16, 2002

CreamyBicycle is back to the studios to finish their forthcoming LP tentatively entitled "this afternoon rain is almost over...". the LP will feature happy & carefree indie pop songs accompanied with ba-da-ba's! the boys & girls are very much excited with this project for it's the debut of all debuts for them. the LP will be released under dorothy records this coming january 2003. for more info regarding this, contact the band @:

nov. 10, 2002

CreamyBicycle made it to the buzznight @ mayric's last night, they pulled off a good set of 5 originals. candy audioline, sonnet 58, skies of ember, daydream cycle, popular days made it too. thanks to allan and mike!

nov. 4, 2002

CreamyBicycle will be included in the upcoming compilation   release under dorothy records titled "dashboard teddy version 1.0" due january 2003. this compilation will feature the poppiest indie bands from the philippines + surprises. for more information regarding this, click here.

CreamyBicycle is now under negotiation with dorothy records for their forthcoming full length album due sometime next year.

CreamyBicycle will be part of this month's buzznight @ mayric's on nov. 9, 2002, saturday. support the local indie community.

"that's all for now indie boys n girls... let us all just sing-along first..."

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